Router Settings 

This page is intended for Universal Broadband Customers who are using their own Broadband Equipment rather than using the Universal provided router/modem.

If you are experiencing any problems with installation and connectivity issues you should, in the first instance, consult the manufacturers manual, website, and/or the manufacturers technical support team. The username and password that you will use for your router will be your broadband email address and password. Some configuration parameters that you may need to get the device to communicate across the broadband network are listed below:

 Virtual Circuit Identifier -VCI


 Virtual Path Finder- VPI


 Encapsulation Mode


 Authentication Type



 RFC 2364:PPP over ATM (PPPoA)

 Modulation Type

 G.DMT or Auto

 Primary DNS Server

 Secondary DNS Server

These settings can be entered through the Router's setup Wizard, which can be accessed by entering your Routers IP address into a browser.
Here are the IP addresses for some of the more common DSL Router manufacturers;
Router IP Address Username Password
Linksys admin admin
Net Gear admin Password or 1234
Zoom adsl zoomadsl
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Common Networking Hardware Vendors

Linksys Support
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