Troubleshooting the connectivity with a router

Routers tend to remain in operation continuously for extended periods of time. As a result most connectivity issues you may experience can often be resolved simply by powering down your Router for a few seconds, and then restarting it.

If you're experiencing issues when connecting with a Wireless Router, you should first ensure that the Router is functioning correctly by connecting to it with an Ethernet cable.

If you have purchased a new router and are trying to connect for the first time, check the following things:

If your Internet connection has worked in the past, then follow the steps given below:

1.  Check whether your phone connection is working or not. If your phone connection is not working, youíll need to contact BT first to get the PSTN connection activated and then contact us for reactivating the Broadband connection.

2.  You can check for any service outages on the BT network by clicking here. You will be able to perform this step only if you have Internet access.

3.  Check for filter positioning / no extension cable use. This is exactly the same for a router as it is for a modem.

4.  Check whether you are trying to connect with the correct username and password.

5.  Check the connectivity between your router and PC by performing IPCONFIG and trying to Ping the routerís internal IP address (check for that in the routerís manual).

6. Check the connectivity by trying to connect with the modem supplied by us. If that works then contact your router vendor. However, if that also doesnít work then it could possibly be a network or a circuit related issue. If that is the case then contact Universal Technical support.

7.  Check the router settings whether they are correctly configured on your router or not. To check the settings, click here.

Disclaimer:  Due to the large variety of Router makes and models available, Universal is unable to offer full Technical support for all routers. We do however offer support for the initial installation and set up for most models. For full support we recommend you contact your equipment vendor.

Common Wireless Networking Hardware Vendors

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