Error 650/721/718
The most likely reason for one of the above errors is a Network Problem. In this case follow these steps:
  • After receiving this error wait 15 minutes and then restart your computer. Once it has restarted wait until all applications have completely loaded before trying to reconnect.
  • If you receive the same error, click on this link Broadband service status or please call 0800 169 0199 for
    Service Affecting Information ( Supplied by BT )
    . On this option you will be informed of any Network Outages we may be experiencing. In the rare case that we are experiencing a BT Network Outage please be assured BT will be working on the problem to restore service as soon as possible. Please be patient.
  • If there are no network outages being reported the problem may originate from your computer. In this case recreate your Internet Dial Up Connection as described here.
  • If your problem has still not been resolved uninstall and reinstall your Broadband modem. For information on how to do this click on your modem