Flashing ADSL Light On Modem
If you are experiencing problems getting connected to Broadband and your modem is displaying a flashing ADSL light follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem:
  • Shut down your computer and then after a short pause restart. Once the computer has completely loaded wait 30 seconds to allow the modem to synchronise before attempting to reconnect.
Check cabling
  • Check the connection sequence for your modem:
    • Your modem should connect to an ADSL filter
    • This filter should connect directly to your phone socket ensuring there are no splitters on the telephone socket. More information on filter setup is available here.
    • You should not use a phone extension cable as this can lead to the deterioration of the Broadband signal

    NOTE: All other phone devices in your property must be connected via filters also otherwise you may not be able to connect. This includes equipment such as a cordless phone base unit, a satellite digibox ( SKY - box ), a fax machine and some alarm systems. The following diagram illustrates the sequence for filter connections with some common phone devices.
  • Test that your phone line is working OK by checking for a dial tone. If your phone does not have a dial tone this indicates a telephony problem which should be reported to Universal Telecom directly on 0800 652 3111. Interference may be caused if you use cordless phones so make sure that the cordless' base unit is connected via a ADSL filter also.
  • Remove all other devices connected to the phone line in your property so that your modem is the only device connected to the phone line via an ADSL filter. Reboot and retry connecting. 

    If this does not resolve the problem then switch the ADSL filter in use with the other filter provided in the Universal Broadband pack to ensure the filter is not faulty.
  • Uninstall the modem software by running the installation CD and selecting uninstall. Be sure to remove the modem after having uninstalled the software.

    If you run the installation CD again it will then allow you to install the modem freshly on your computer. Now try reconnecting.