Broadband filters explained
Your modem pack contains two filters which will look similar to these:
A filter is necessary because once your line is activated with Broadband it carries 2 signals - an analogue (phone) signal and a digital (broadband) signal which are both carried at different frequencies. In order to receive both of these signals clearly you must connect all of your devices which normally plug into a phone socket into a Broadband filter. It is this feature of Broadband which allows you to use the Internet connection whilst on the phone or receiving faxes.

If you do not connect your Broadband filters or you do not have all devices within your property connected using a Broadband filter you may face the following problems:
  • No connection possible on Broadband service: common symptoms include a flashing ADSL light on your modem and Error 680 (No dial tone) on your computer
  • Intermittent Dropping Internet connection
  • Fuzzy or bad telephone connection when the modem is plugged in
If you have more than two phone sockets in use around your house you will require more Broadband filters, which can be purchased through Universal Telecom for 5 each ( inc Del )
Typical filtering scenario for a Broadband connection

NOTE: In the above scenario a number of different devices which are employed in a typical property have been illustrated indicting the need for a filter in each phone socket which is in use.