Error 680: No dial tone
This error usually means there is a problem receiving the Broadband signal at your modem. An error 680 / 619 would usually also mean you do not have a solid green ADSL light on the modem. This can be resolved by following these steps:
Ensure you have checked the following:
  • Does your telephone Work? (if not you may have a fault with your telephone line)
  • Is the cable from the modem to the filter secure at each end?

If, after checking the above points, you are still not seeing a solid green ADSL light, we need to look at how you have the modem and filters attached to the telephone line in your house. Please Click Here
Error 680 and both modem lights are solid green
If the modem installation seems successful and you have two solid green lights on your modem but are still receiving the error message- 680: No dial tone, then:
  • If you have an internal 56k modem please disable the modem as follows
    • Right click on the My Computer Icon on your desktop and then select Properties
    • If you have a Device Manager tab along the top select this, otherwise select the Hardware tab along the top and then click on the Device Manager button
    • In the Device Manager click on the + sign on the Modem selection and then...
    • Identify and right click your modem icon and select Disable / Properties and then Disable in this Hardware Profile
    • After you have completed this, close down the Device Manager and then restart your computer and try to reconnect to the Broadband connection.
  • If this does not resolve your problem please call the Universal Broadband Department on 0800 652 3111 to test your phone line