How to set up a Broadband connection in Windows 98
In order to set up a new Broadband dialup connection follow these simple steps:
  • On your computers desktop click My Computer and then double click on the Dial-Up Networking folder. On this screen, click the Make New Connection icon to start a New Connection Wizard. Name the connection with a meaningful title such as Universal Broadband and then select your connection device as USBADSL-Line01 for your Broadband modem and then click Next.
  • Here you must enter the Telephone number as 0,38 making sure you leave the area code blank and the country or region code set to United Kingdom(44).
  • You have now created a new Broadband connection. Now click Finish.
  • In the Dial-Up Networking folder which should still be open you should now see the Universal Broadband connection which you should double-click.

  • Enter your Broadband username and password supplied with your Universal Broadband pack. If you have forgotten your account details click here. Then click Next.
If you receive an error message after trying to connect click here to troubleshoot your setup.