Reinstall your modem drivers

Update your modem drivers

The first issue to check is whether your modem is working OK within Windows.
To do this

  • Right click the My computer icon on your desktop;
  • click Properties
  • click Device Manager (or Hardware and then Device Manager if necessary)

This will take you to this screen which shows all the hardware installed on your PC.
Click the cross symbol by the side of the Modem text. You will then see the modem actually installed on your PC. If, as in the screen below, it has a yellow warning symbol next to it, then there is a problem.

Right click the modem you are using, and select Properties. You will then see this screen which may give you some more information on the source of the problem.

On this screen click Reinstall driver. This will launch the Windows driver wizard. There will be two options on the first screen of the wizard;

  • Automatic search for better driver (recommended). and
  • specify the location of the driver (advanced).

The first option is the default, so click Next. Windows will then search for the best driver it can find for your modem.
When it has finished, you may get this message The best driver windows found is already installed for this device, click back to install a different driver or click finish to continue using this driver.

If you get this message; click finish, and see if the yellow warning next to your modem vanishes.

If it is still there, dig out the installation disk for your modem. Insert it into your CD drive. Then run the same process but when prompted, click Specify the location of the driver (advanced) Make sure the Removable Media (Floppy CD Rom) box is checked, and click Next. Windows will then search for the driver your modem needs. You may need to navigate around the manufacturer's CD Rom disk to find the exact driver you need if Windows cannot find it at first.