No lights on the Broadband modem
This can be resolved by following these steps:
Shut down your computer and double-check your modem connection. Remove any other USB devices currently connected and ensure the modem cable is firmly connected in a USB port which you are sure is working. If your modem is connected via a hub or other power management device remove this and connect the modem directly to the computer. 

The following diagram indicates the sequence in which the modem should be connected to your computer:


Then restart your computer and retry connecting. Once the computer has completely loaded wait 30 seconds to allow the modem to synchronise before attempting to reconnect.
Uninstall the modem software by running the installation CD and selecting uninstall. Be sure to remove the modem after having uninstalled the software.

Then run the installation CD again it will then allow you to install the modem freshly on your computer. Now try reconnecting.
If both your modem lights are still off after reinstalling the modem and all your connections have been checked then please contact the Technical Help desk confirming the steps you have undertaken and they will replace the modem.