Both modem lights solid
If both of the lights on your modem are solid follow the following troubleshooting steps:
Shut down your computer and then after a short pause restart. Once the computer has completely loaded wait 30 seconds to allow the modem to synchronise before attempting to reconnect.
  • This problem can be caused because you are mistyping your username and password. If you are entering your login details for the first time this error tends to indicate that you have entered either your username or password incorrectly. Follow these steps:

    1. If you cannot logon, check that you have not miss-spelt your username or password.
    2. Please note that your username MUST be lowercase and that your password is case-sensitive
    3. Your username must be in the following format
    4. If you have forgotten your password you need to contact Universal Telecom 0800 652 3111 for your details.
In rare instances this can be related to a problem with the modem not responding appropriately. In order to test this unplug the grey USB cable which connects the modem to your computer. This should cause both lights to go out on your modem as the power source has been disconnected. Then replug the modem into the USB port on your computer and wait until the modem lights both go solid green before trying to reconnect.
Uninstall the modem software by running the installation CD and selecting uninstall. Be sure to remove the modem after having uninstalled the software. Then run the installation CD again it will then allow you to install the modem freshly on your computer. Now try reconnecting.
To tell if you have successfully connected look in the 'System Tray' on your Computer should see the following Connection Icon:


Once Connected you should be able to Launch your Web Browser ( Usually this would be Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) and view Web Pages.