Setting up a Dialup connection from scratch on Windows XP
To set up your connection from scratch, click the Start Button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
  1. You will then see this screen:

  2. Here, click the Control panel symbol, and you will then see this screen:
    Control Panel

  3. Click the Network connections icon and you will see this screen:
    Network connections

  4. Here, click the Create a new connection link in the left hand panel (it's under the heading Network tasks.
    This will start the new connection wizard.
    Conenction wizard
    Click Next.
  5. On this screen, make sure you have checked the button called Connect to the Internet. Then click Next.
    Connect to the Internet

  6. Here, make sure that the Set up my connection manually button is clicked. Then click Next.
    Manual connection

  7. Here, click Connect using a dial up modem and then click next.
    Dialup method

  8. Type a name for your connection - such as DSL Connect and click Next.

  9. Here, type in the number you dial to call for the Dialup connection.
    DSL Connect   0845 688 7630
    Then click OK to see the next screen.

  10. Here, under username type in your full email address. This is in the format;

    Then enter your password, and confirm it. Then click Next to see this screen:

  11. Click Finish and you will see the next screen, where you can test your connection.

  12. Click the Dial button to connect to DSL Connect.